Born and bred in New Zealand’s second-largest city Christchurch. From an early age and though 4 years of design school - it was obvious my journey would be emersing myself in the world of visual communication. After a position as creative with a smart wee ad agency in my hometown, I headed to Auckland to art direct & design NZ’s largest new tech magazine. With that I was well equiped to head to London’s media melting pot and live the young designers dream. My first break was a creative role at Bulletproof working mainly on Coca-cola. Then I landed a design role at the new kid on the block - Iris, basically winning pitches for two years against the large global networks. The doors had opened to a expand my horizons.
Fast forward & packed with over 20yrs of creative media experience, with a solid foundation of 15yrs onsite in the UK - chosen & trusted to work with brands including ASOS, Diageo, Mercedes, Sony, Sky & Vodafone across UK & EMEA markets. Its been a pleasure working with so many wonderful minds, and a privilege to deepen my craft by learning from so many inspiring creative industry leaders & mentors - some of the best in the business. I’ve soaked up all the good stuff. I’ve often been headhunted, and on the roster of some of London's most respected media agencies including Proximity, Hill+Knowlton, Leo Burnett, McCann, Publicis, Saatchi X & Weapon 7.
Those opportunities reinforced a conscious decision for me to continuously expand my skill sets by working across a diverse range of media sectors from advertising, branding, events, marketing promotions & PR agencies. This widened my knowledge and resulted in producing a more adaptable design creative. Whatever the brief my proactive nature thrives on creating solutions that relate & resonate.
Due to this experience as a senior creator, I’m well versed in leading, overseeing & guiding design & production teams in studios & externally. Often required to source & manage project-specific groups, including SEO specialists, photographers, illustrators & other media practitioners. Comfortable with delivering user-focused creative & concise handovers to digital developers and third party agencies.
I have a proactive & relaxed work ethic and apply professional practice habits to every relationship - my clients choose me because I provide a reliable, high-value service. This has also benefited my direct b2b clients over the years with my creative side hustle which has transformed into the full-time running of a brand marketing design consultancy. Servicing clients in the UK, EU, NZ and the US.
Where ever you are in the world, it would be great to work with you.

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